Download Military Symbol

Download the Military Symbol as pixel or vector image using the Unit Symbol Generator.

Save Military Symbol as Image

The function “Download Symbol as Image File” in the Main Window of .

renders an image of the symbol in current Military Symbol displayed in the. The rendered Symbol is downloaded on the in the set image format and dimenstions. Follow these steps to start the download of a symbol:

  1. Press ‘Download Symbol as Image File’ to download the image

  2. ‘Save As’ dialog opens to set the file name and file location. The save type is fixed by the export format. To change the Export Format (size and format of image) go to Options / Export Format (check the following article for more information).

  3. Press ‘Save’ to start the download.

Save As Dialog - Save Military Symbol

Supported Image Formats

The web application supports the images in vector and pixel format for the download. First of all, in order to get started, you will have to navigate to . Or you can click the blue ‘Start App’ button in the top left corner of this page.

Vector Format

  • SVG
  • EMF
  • XAML

Pixel Format

  • BMP
  • PNG
  • ICO

The file type as well as the dimension of the rendered file can be set in the Options sub-window:

  1. Open the Options sub-window:

  2. Scroll to the ‘Export Format’ section and set the formats of the export:

Image Export Settings of Military Symbol