'Easy Symbol' – What is it?

A modern web application to create, save and share JOINT MILITARY SYMBOLOGY. All generated symbols can be saved in common vector and image formats or shared via URL. 'Easy Symbol' accesses the MSS Web Service (Military Symbol Service) for rendering of the military symbology.

Search Base Symbol

A click on the Search-Icon in the Main Window opens the search dialog. This sub window provides all the functions to find the desired tactical graphic, unit, equipment, installation ...
A search can be done using the MIL-STD-2525 name of a symbol or by using the equipment name (for example, "F/A 18").
The search results are displayed in the right section of the window. For easier navigation the results can be filtered using the 'Funnel Symbol'.

Edit Symbol

The Symbol Editor is opened with a click on the Edit button in the top right corner. MSS Symbol Editor provides access to the Modifiers and Attributes of the Symbol. The Text-Modifier are positioned around the Base Symbol in the position defined by the military standards.
The toolbar contains all the Non-Text Modifiers.

Draw N-Point Symbols

The Pencil-Icon in the lower right of the Main Window opens the ‘Point Editor’. The Editor provides all functions required to draw a N-Point Symbol. This includes the functions for add, move or delete reference points as well as the standard functions to zoom-in, zoom-out or to center the content.

In other words, the 'Easy Symbol – Point Editor' is a drawing and editing tool for tactical graphics.

Tabs in Military Symbol Editor

MSS Symbol Editor Tabs

The MSS Symbol Editor has three active tabs. 'Edit' to customize the modifier and attributes of the Base Symbol. 'Preview' displays a preview of the symbol together with the symbol name, military abbreviation and the hierarchy. 'About' lists the version of MSS Web Service and MSS Library

Tabs in Military Symbol Editor


In the 'General' section you can choose the Symbol Set to work with. The application language can also be selected in this area.

The ‘Symbol Format’ area is used to adjust the format options of the symbols. This includes parameters as ‘Line Width’ or the ‘Label Distribution’....

The 'Export Format' section defines the resolution and format applied in case of a symbol save.

Settings in the Military Symbology Generator

Hints in the Military Symbology Generator


Each modifier and each attribute in the 'MSS Symbol Editor' has a hint text. This text as well as its position is retrieved dynamically (via MSS Web Service). The hint text shall facilitate the use of the editor. It shall guide the user of the application, since only the position and definition of the most frequently used modifiers and attributes are known. It is also possible to activate or deactivate the display of the hints by using the function 'Show/Hide hints' found in the title bar of the 'MSS Symbol Editor'.

Hints in the Military Symbology Generator

Save or Share

Use the Save Button to download the generated military symbol in a pixel format (BMP, JPEG, PNG, ICO) or in a vector formats (SVG, EMF, XAML). Press Share to send the Symbol as a Link.

Button to Save Military Symbol as Image

Questions & Answers

The Web Application 'Easy Symbol' bases on the MSS WebService for the search, rendering, manipulation, … of the Military Symbology. This includes the generation of 1-Point Symbols as Units, Equipment or Installations as well as the rendering of N-Point Symbols as Lines, Corridors, Areas, … More Information on MSS
In 'International' Work Mode the 'Easy Symbol' renders the Military Symbols according to MIL-STD-2525C Symbols. The complete standard is covered by the App. In 'Extended' Work Mode the 'Easy Symbol' bases on the MIL-STD-2525C and additional country specific extension as Regl 52.003.
The online use of the Web Application 'Easy Symbol' is free.
Contact us if you require to run the App on a closed Military System.
The Products 'Easy Symbol' and 'MSS Web Service' are developed by gs-soft AG. All rights for the Applications and Services belong to gs-soft AG.

The Military Symbol Services products can be Licensed under NDA.

Visit and join our Forum to ask your questions and to follow the latest developement of the App.


Vector Graphics

Military Symbol Generator supports Vector Formats

'Easy Symbol' support the generation of Military Symbols in the vector formats SVG, EMF and XAML. The File Format for the rendered images can be set in the Options window.

This is the preferred way to save symbols to be rescaled. The following Article shows an example on how to use symbols stored as SVG in other applications.


Share Military Symbols

Share Military Symbols

A Share function has been implemented to send a Military Symbol via a Link.

Button to Share Military Symbols

The new function is found in the footer of the Main Window. 'Share' copies the URL for the current Symbol into the Clipboard. The Link can then be sent via E-Mail, Whatsapp, Text, …



Military Symbol Generator supports English, German, French and Italian

Language support has been added to 'Easy Symbol'.
The application as well as MSS support the languages:

- English

- German

- French

- Italian (limited)

This includes the entire Application as well as the Names, Abbreviations and Alias Description of Military Symbols. The language of the Web Application can be changed in the Options window.


Optimized for Touch

www.symbol.army now optimized for use on touch devices

In the last few weeks, we have optimized www.symbol.army for use on a mobile phone. Touch events are processed more quickly. This way, a military symbol can be placed better and easier.



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